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It has been a long time coming!

by Poul Mark |

When I first started Transcend Coffee in 2006 I had no concept of where my little venture experiment would go. Truthfully, I knew very little about coffee or any of the issues facing the coffee industry. The genesis of Transcend was about community, and for me, coffee was a reason to gather and facilitate the building of community. 

Within a few short years, I found myself embedded in a much broader and diverse community than I ever imagined. My first trip to a coffee-producing country occurred in Panama in 2008 where ironically (I was still a coffee novice at this point) I was invited to participate in their national specialty coffee competition. That trip ignited a passion and determination to learn as much about coffee as I could, a journey that continues even to this day.

Transcend Coffee was one of the early adopters in terms of selling coffee online. Our first e-commerce website was set up even before my trip to Panama. With that said we have almost always sold exclusively to the market in Canada. The launch of this US only web store has been a dream of mine for a very long time, so I am very excited to finally turn the switch on and provide our exceptional coffee to the US market. While we are brand new in terms of our retail presence in the United States, we are an experienced specialty coffee roaster with a continued focus on quality, amazing flavor, transparency, and sustainability. If you want some more background about our company, please visit our Canadian site where the blog is far more seasoned and the site is more fulsome. 

We are excited to finally be servicing our American cousins and hope that you will give our coffee a try.


Poul Mark